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Free Widows and girl-mothers from the circle of poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Strives to Empower Vulnerable Women and Girl-mothers to Progressively Eradicate Poverty in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The objectives of Canada Interaid Link, Inc. (C.I.A.L) include and not limited to:

The international MAIN objective of Canada Interaid Link, (CIAL) is the vision of the organization.

  1. build partnership with organizations operating in/around the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries in the world as well as organization from Canada, United States of America, Europe, and Asia operating in DRCongo
  2. alleviate poverty in the D.R. Congo
  3. initiate small community development projects
  4. train educators in the communities,
  5. provide income generating loans to trained members
  6. support orphans to pursue their education

Thoughts to consider:

  1. build houses for widows in needy areas in the Democratic Republic of Congo
  2. build support/service centers for orphans and widows
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