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CIAL currently focuses on two axes:

1. Overseas Projects: WIDOWS’ PROGRAM

Currently our pilot project “The Micro-finance Project” is located in the city of Uvira, D.R.Congo. Notice that a similar project was first operational in the village of Kiliba, which is about 15 kilometers from the city of Uvira. CIAL/Uvira is responsible for all the projects delivery in the area. The micro-finance being one of the Projects to implement in this wars town area, CIAL/Canada has more than projects on the table for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After learning how to assist the victims of wars and sexual abuse in the east of D.R.Congo, especially in the territory of Uvira, CIAL team initiated to empower women by providing them with start-up capital to build their small business that they own and manage to help their relatives.

NOTICE that the Orphans’ Program is currently embedded in the widows’ Program. CIAL values family dynamics and promotes the success of a mother (woman) who cares for her children. The executive director of CIAL said, “Empowering a mother is empowering the offspring.” CIAL also believes that a child has to grow holistically and become independent. By this token, CIAL Orphans’ Program is going to stand on its own in the future through its Educational Project. dit text

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