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Give a Monthly Gift

Your monthly donation can be a lifeline to some of the world’s most marginalized and deprived widows and single-mothers in Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo.

From Canada, we will not stop until most of the vulnerable women launches their own small business in order to become progressively self-reliant. But we can’t do it without you.

You can make a real difference, transforming one family and the future of their children.

Your monthly support:

Allows us to provide start-up capital for one, two, and more single-mothers

Provides reliable, stable funding which enables us to immediately respond to crises, and to develop long-term programs for families in the city of Uvira, Democratic Republic of Congo

Canada Interaid Link, CIAL, has the lowest administrative costs and therefore can have a greater impact

Most people are donating $20 a month right now.

send a cheque to:

Canada Interaid Link, Inc

c/o Philadelphia Miracle Ministries

83 Henderson Hwy

Winnipeg, MB R2L 1L2

e-transfer to

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