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The deeper conprehension of materializing the vision and Mission of Canada Interaid Link (CIAL) is known as 'Cialteamology.' In other words, cialteamology is the passion the team has towards the realization of the vision of the organization. By seeking to know about what CIAL is all about, everyone needs to listen to the TEAM and the team leader for couple of times if not in every meetings because not everyone understands the same time. In order to grasp the concept of empowering a vulnerable woman, a single mother, or victim of wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRCongo). This is the material CIAL team Delineates the needs of this segment of the population.

It may be or sounds difficult to some individuals to comprehend what such a woman goes through if you have not yet listened to their stories and those of their neighbours.

Canada Interaid Link is a nonprofit organization registered in Manitoba, Canada and operates as charitable organization 

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